You think I am strong…!!!

You think

You think I am strong

Well ; you ain’t wrong

You think I am prude

Indeed its rude

You think I play games

come up with new excuses, these are lame

You think my smile is fake

It’s my happiness that you can’t take

You think I am strong

You don’t know where the pain belongs

Is it just me who is tired of showing around?

Though my feelings just got me back to the ground

Sometimes I need a shoulder to weep

And not a pillow to catch my tears while falling asleep

Sometimes you need someone who knows who you are

Sometimes all you can do is curse your destiny and the stars.

Sometimes I want to strechout my arms n fall

And when I open my eyes someone is there to abide in me and enthrall

Sometimes I feel to shriek out loud

So that everyone could hear the fear in my soul

Sometimes the fear that solitude in me will remain untouched


You think I am a rebel

I think I am courageous

You think I am pompous

I think I am outrageous

You think I am not sane

I think I have just come beyond loss and gain

You think I lost my benignity

But keeping calm shows my dignity

Gaps get formed and gaps get filled

Hurt remains there standing still

You think because I am girl I am meek

But happiness within is all I seek.

I forgive and I forget

Because my heart told me never to regret.

-Bhargavi Desai


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