A letter I could never write to my Dad

Dear Dad,
I wanted you to know that you mean the world to me.Sometimes late at night when I can’t fall asleep I think of you and the days when we used to talk so much before going to bed that I never felt the need of hearing any lullabies. I wish you were here to scold me when I don’t go to bed even at 2. You were the first man in my life and will always be of utmost importance whatever happens, how much old I grow or wherever I stay. The wisdom you passed and the lessons you taught me has always kept me going whenever I stand still in my life. Whenever I feel alone I just remember one thing , even if the world leaves my hand you will grab my  hand and not let me fall. Any mans love wont equal yours. I fight with you like a sibling, I scold you like your mom, and I share with you like a friend.However old or tall I grow I wont be taller than the your faith in me.

Every girl feels her dad is the best and so do I. You are the best daddy. I know we have differences and yes we do have generation gap and a lot of ego problems but all that is infinitesimal in front of what you do for me and how much you love me. I will always compare any one in my life with you and I’ll continue to. You tell me stories of your time and you share your heart . I miss the long chats on the swing with you and I miss waiting for you at 8 when you would get me something every other day. I miss playing peek a boo with you even when you always know where I use to hide, still pretend to get scared just to see that smile on my face.I still remember fighting with you every day for the remote controller and arguing on every possible thing. If you weren’t like this my life would have been so plain without all the mischief’s and drama.

I have grown up and come a long way but I want you to know that your place in my heart and my life can never be replaced by any other person on this earth. I still remember those winter mornings when you used to come to drop me off to the school van and I still remember you piggy backed me till I was as tall as you. You gave me everything I wanted and you fulfilled all my wishes. I feel like the worst person on earth when I lie to you sometimes but only because I know how much worry wart you are . I know you are a father and you wouldn’t give up worrying even when I turn 50. Sometimes I behave like a brat and sometimes I spend a lot and sometimes I don’t hear what you say but I don’t mean all of that i hope you know that.

I know it will be the toughest  day in your life when you would have to give me away to a stranger with all kinds of questions and worries brimming in your mind. But whoever it is, believe me, he won’t be able to equal the love you gave me. I will always be yours first. No one understands my mood swings and my demands better than the way you do.  You know who I am and love me for whatever I am. People say they want their life partners to meet them in all the births but I want you as my daddy in all my births. You are my shelter and my shield from the world. You always give up before me whenever we are at a difference. You always stand by me in all fronts of life. Now all I want is that I hope you feel proud of me some day and everything I am doing will be worth it.

I have seen the world through your eyes and I walked the tough roads of life holding your hand. You not only gave me birth but made me a humble human being and nourished the person in me. Dad you are everything to me and you mean the word to me.

Always yours


5 thoughts on “A letter I could never write to my Dad

  1. there are some wonderful lines in this article…..
    but my favourite one is…” However old and tall I grow I wont be taller than the your faith in me.”

    Super writing, gal !!

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