Home Coming

I said to myself “Don’t you think the feeling is a bit similar?” and yes its is. Feels like engineering days when I was away from home and used to wait for exams to end and rush home the same day itself. Its been a year and half now and I haven’t seen my folks. Its time now, yes, its time to go home. The feeling has occupied my mind and my days so badly that I am not able to concentrate on any other things. Its one of those feeling that gives you goosebumps anytime thinking about it. What would it be when I see my dad at the airport and my mom waiting at the doorsteps for me. When even the jet lag also wouldn’t be able to curb the excitement and anxiety of going to the place I belong. The feelings within aren’t just ready to settle they keep on hoping.The most funniest thing I did just to get more excited. which I already was, watching SWADESH, beat this.
Yayyyyyyyyy here i come…a few days and i’ll be posting 4m home


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