Why should you hire me?

Why should you hire me?

So I am in my last semester right now with only one course to complete and lots of job applications to fill. Writing a cover letter seems to be an overrated idea for the industry I suppose. So I wanted to express myself on my own blog. I don’t intend to sound sassy or desperate but yes would like to market my skills for sure.

Question no 1. Why should we hire you?

Me: There are almost a million engineers and half a million graduates every year. Some are way aspirant some are way underestimated while some don’t feel their own worth. Whilst me, I think you should hire me because,:

I am an engineer and I have Masters in Information Systems(first thing that a job describes i.e my Quals). I am a smart and outspoken individual as well as posses a good analytical and logical mind set. I am not over confident.

I have good etiquettes and manners to talk to people. I have versatility in my academic background. Love to read and research about anything from Business, Economy, and Technology to literature and fashion trying to keep myself paced up with the entire world.

I don’t say I am unique rather say I am passionate, for the fact that I feel passion and dedication for whatever I do. Would love to work at a place where people understand my skills and teach me, help me grow  .Coming from a family where businessman father and a professor mother  always taught to pursue my dreams whatever it takes so I sailed across the seas to do just that.

I have the warrior spirit in me. I don’t let things or people turn me down. I have my own state of mind and I go by that. Plus I am a very flamboyant soul I love socializing networking and making public relations.

I cannot sell ice to an Eskimo but I can definitely convince him for an ice tea.

The time I realized I love to work was when I interned at MTV Networks. The work days did not tire me down neither exhaust me.That’s when I realized I am McGregors’s Theory Y person.Sitting ideal has never been my abode for long. I can occupy myself with anything. I may not know something but I have the zeal to learn and explore. More than all I am humane person I don’t let people down and apologize whenever I do wrong. Though I belong to technical academic background my ambition is to climb the management ladder. I want to pursue my career being an Analyst and also I am fond of working with Content Management systems. Using social media as a tool for efficiency and marketing, or say expressing yourself better. I love the very idea of being expressive because people aren’t psychics who could read your minds after all.


3 thoughts on “Why should you hire me?

  1. you should rather try your hands on writings….
    after this self-confession…no one would dare to ask for your CV i must say… 🙂 B-)

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