A Bad Dream

Today when I woke up from a bad dream it was dark it was misty and I was glad that I was in my home and the dream was over. I had a bad day and subsequently a bad dream to accompany it along.

But it made me ponder about some aspects of life and myself. I wanted to believe there are no bad people or bad situations there must be only bad dreams? Isn’t it? At least let me believe so as much as I believe that whatever good you do is paid back to you spades. According to a very famous quote from The Bhagwad Gita, it is said that do your good deeds and don’t expect the fruit in return. I somehow am a whole believer of that fact. I don’t want to believe there is any heaven or hell. Whatever it is you have to pay your tolls for using that express way you just passed through and never bothered to look back and see whom did you leave behind or whom did you hurt. Even if you make a thousand mistakes in your life but at the same time stand for good it is all leveled up.

Bad dreams make you realize how good your real life is. It is ok if you have bad dreams some day. While spring just arrived at the doorsteps and I saw those flowers on that tree in front of my house, I wondered, I compared and was a bit shacked with my inside. It gave me a hint and said don’t you think you love the arrival of spring and the resemblance of it with changes in your routine. The seasons of my life keep changing but the force which drives me through all the seasons makes sure that the flowers grow soon into my life and never lets the tree stay without it for a longer time. Every up and down in my life has been able to survive for its own determined season. After every season I experience a different self and a different me altogether , hell off course a better one ;-),One thing I am dead sure, I am enjoying every day of my spring and so will I enjoy the summer fall winter. I say bring it on I am ready to sit in the park n leisure in the spring, I am up for the tides in the summer, Barbeque my anxieties plus worries in the fall and for the smooth glide on the ice skate ring in the winter.

I still believe in dreams whether good or bad, good  is coming its way while bad dreams will make me hold tight to  my possessions and my assets and make me realize never let them go.

Life tends me to believe that it isn’t that bad

Even people and situations aren’t

There are only bad dreams which you had

You are not supposed to get raged

Nor even discouraged

All you need is to wake up and feel the bliss

That it really did not happen and the melancholy of life that you missed

And believe that whatever you thought was not this

You be good and make it a point to make the day a fad

Someone wise told me you do good deeds my lad

Now that’s what exactly I intend to do,it is my secret of staying glad ;-):-)


3 thoughts on “A Bad Dream

    1. Poem rilly takes a lot of time …blogs r pretty much what you talk r express everyday….i can say d same 4..u write like way awesome..all my frens loved ur poem so much.

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