A Memoir/ Journey through the 2 years at NJIT being an MS IS..!

campusI still remember that day when I was so eager to transfer from FDU to NJIT. I never wanted to be in FDU, something about that place made me cranky. I used to have very few friends which was very much unlike me and started being home sick .  I even spent the whole summer in INDIA for that matter. After coming from home I joined NJIT. I knew a few people there and those were more than enough (Dhaval,Kaleend, Jay n Anajan). My cousin (Harsh) also joined NJIT the same semester so had one more reason to feel good.

So the orientation day, morning 7:00 AM I leapt out from my house for Newark, god knew how the hell to reach there, I had never travelled to Newark which is considered to be a very dangerous place even thought being the biggest city of New Jersey.Now I have never been a frightened chicken , I don’t get scared pretty soon, somehow at 7 in the wintery dark morning I figured out how to reach the place. While I was traveling I saw this person in black shirt and as puzzled as i was , I assumed it must be a someone like me going to the orientation with that backpack and questions on his face to. I started following him, though I looked like a stalker but I dint mind, I stopped him and asked the way to campus center, the same campus center which later on become our adda. Now that was the first person I met in NJIT and he(Rajesh aka Kamina)is one of my best friends till date who is solely responsible for the stomach aching laughs we has over the years. Throughout the orientation I met a lot of folks out of which few if those whose  frequencies tuned exactly with that of mine.It din’t even take 10 mins to gel up wid the crazy bunch of people ( Jharna, Deval and Varun).So a big thank you to Deval n Jemin for  always being the undaunted support through these years.( I noe I noe sounds like some Award speech but its has to be done)

Today while leaving from the last lecture it felt weird, it felt extremely  weird, and at first I was not ready accept that it’s the last freaking day at college. Through these years I met some really awesome people whom I call my friends now. I gained some invaluable moments, knowledge ( off course  you may think m joking) but yes learned from some highly intellectual professors (unlike my undergrads).I got  to  explore different aspects  of myself while attending classes and also interning during the summer at MTV and the internship offer from Gucci, totally a life changing experience. I feel like I don’t have enough adjectives for the feelings right now.

All those bunking classes and sitting with friends during the Fall , waiting in the chill for the shuttle in the winter, those loud songs in Jemin and Mrugesh’s car while coming back home (our fav Put it down on me and these days Anarkali Disco chali). Food from the cart and the “Beggie Burger”, cheap taco bell lunches, Saturday morning class with Rohith, Akhil, Vishnu, Aakanksha and Amey (Tonns of thank you to ya guys for doing my homework whenever my train got late.). Radhika and Manoj for the everlasting laughs and smiles during our beloved Prof.Egan’s class. Also met people from different parts of the world Russian, Koreans , Chinese, French, Bulgarian, Pakistani and different ethnicity blacks white Mexican, asian and learned something from each one of them.All those end moment manipulations in the presentations and the final reports but there is definitely one thing that I learnt, not matter what, things fall into place in the end as all the grades did. At times when i would be late for submissions i knew who to call up when that happens ( Aakansha) , till today we did that, kudos to us. All those ridiculously funny GSA n Sanskar events where  we used to go just to pass comments and have free food.

I am so glad I met so many people here and enjoyed some really good times with them. The place just did  not give me some wonderful people but more about friends and memories for lifetime.Everything was just worth it…!


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