Whatever Valentines…?????

Valentines is comin up in a few days pepz..!!! I wonder how people would be planning this day for their loved ones but somehow I never understood the concept of  celebrating it in th first place. I am not a cynic i swear on those red roses that value like diamonds on that day, i aint !! Ya ya right i have heard all about Mr.Valentine since i was in school, at my morning assembly when someone always turned up with Saint Valentines story.
Uh uh uh and it has nothing to do with my “single” status.Oh and ya I remember school days when its 14th Feb suddenly some intuitions and expectation start giving you butterflies,would that guy who sits next to that nut head, does he love me? would that guy whom i have a big crush on gimme flowers or chocolates today? or would her bf give her a more expensive gift then that other girls bf. I don’t want to sound spiritualist idealistic and not even cynic in that case. All i am trying to say is why? whats so good about this day. I have also been in love i also know what it is to be in love. It isn’t that i am ET or something.

Why cant you express yourself whenever and wherever you want. This day builds some kind of expectations within you. If i were in a relationship I would never even bother about valentine’s day. Important was that the person with me loves me everyday and all the time. The thing that turns me off about these kind of days is that when you don’t turn out according to the expectations, the person thinks that you don’t value them.Say it as human psychology or say that stupidness. Just value each day you have with each other rather waiting for 14th of Feb coz you never know whats going to happen next. even the world rotates 360 degrees in day who knows about relationships and persons involved, for that case human brain too.

I am a normal person and finally a girl at heart even i want my knight in a shinning armour (always a cliché) but if i waited for him so long i would not expect him to remember Valentines day or our anniversary the only fact that i am with my Mr.Right would work just fine enough for me.So there a categories of people ones who love valentines day, ones who don’t and the third are the ones who don’t think it makes a big difference in their life. But ny d ways A Happy Valentines. Hope everyone’s dreams come true. As long as whatever makes you happy 😛